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UC Master Gardener Conference Rescheduled for 2023

Every three years, we look forward to connecting UC Master Gardener volunteers, staff, academics, and friends to network, learn, and share their projects and stories. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all large-gatherings have not been possible to help slow the spread of the virus. After much thought, we have decided to postpone the triennial UC Master Gardener Conference from its originally planned 2020 dates to 2023.

The decision to further postpone the conference date was made after a careful review of the resort contract, current state and federal rules for group sizes, UC travel restrictions, and restricted activities related to COVID-19. The health and well-being of our speakers, staff, and UC Master Gardener volunteers is our top priority.

While we are sad we cannot meet in person in the upcoming year, the good news is that we were able to reschedule the conference at the same beautiful location, the Granlibakken Resort in Lake Tahoe, Calif. Oct. 2 – Oct. 6, 2023


While postponing meeting in person was a tough decision, it has opened the doors to other virtual learning opportunities. This year, the statewide office hosted an online mini-conference, held on Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2020. The mini-conference highlighted Search for Excellence winners, Gardeners with Heart nominees, and covered several home gardening topics as well as home food preservation. The mini-conference was well received by volunteers and the public at large. Although not as robust as a full in-person conference, this proved to be a great alternative that supported both learning and engagement. 

Looking forward

With the conference rescheduled, efforts can now shift to more emergent online training needs and projects to support new UC Master Gardener trainings and continuing education. We thank you for your support as we all work through this together! We are incredibly grateful for the understanding of UC Master Gardener volunteers, coordinators, advisors, and county directors as we continue to work hard to ensure that our future event is met with the same enthusiasm and learning opportunities as previous conferences.

Until 2023, we look forward to continuing to provide live and recorded training opportunities for UC Master Gardener volunteers and the public. Follow us on social media for live event notifications and check out our library of recorded webinars online.  


Posted on Monday, October 19, 2020 at 9:43 AM
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Welcome! New Program Coordinators

Edna Blackhurst
Tulare and Kings Counties

Edna Blackhurst has been with UCCE Tulare for more than 25 years.  As the office supervisor, Edna has supported the UC Master Gardener Program since 1997 under Michelle Le Strange, farm advisor emeritus and UC Master Gardener Program advisor. 

Being the UC Master Gardener secretary has always been the best part of her job.  Edna loves working with UC Master Gardener volunteers who appreciate and welcome her guidance through times without a program coordinator.  Edna supported program needs in the absence of a coordinator and will continue to do so until there is successful recruitment for the position.  “I am just so glad that I understand the role of the program coordinator so that UC Master Gardener volunteers can continue to flourish,” says Blackhurst. Edna's goal is to maintain UC policies, keep UC Master Gardeners focused on providing education through research-based information, look for safe outreach opportunities during COVID-19, and provide the quality of support that the Tulare/Kings UC Master Gardeners need. 

Edna was born and raised in Tulare and is married with three children and eight grandchildren.  She was not raised around gardening and knew nothing about it until becoming the UC Master Gardener Program secretary. Her favorite gardening hobby is collecting and growing various succulents (easy to propagate and hard to kill!). 

Posted on Monday, October 19, 2020 at 9:04 AM

Virtual Learning and Fun at the UC Master Gardener Mini-Conference

That's a wrap! The virtual 2020 UC Master Gardener Mini-Conference was a LIVE stream success. All nine sessions streamed directly to the statewide Facebook and YouTube channels, which made for lively comments and instant access to recordings. If you did not get a chance to join the conference live, or you just want to re-watch a session, they are all conveniently available on the statewide program's YouTube channel.

A special thank you to all of our amazing speakers, who were willing to try something new and speak online live! Although we would all rather be able to meet in person for a full conference, having the online format has made it possible to share gardening information more widely, and encouraged people interested in gardening or volunteering to connect with their local program. 

Celebrating and recognizing volunteers

During the opening session, hosted by statewide director Missy Gable, volunteers who donated more than 5,000 volunteer hours were recognized and celebrated for their outstanding contributions to the University of California, our communities and our environment. Please join us in thanking and honoring volunteers in your county who reached new hour milestones since the 2017 conference: 

15,000+ Hours

Michael K., Santa Clara County


10,000+ Hours

Rose P., Fresno County


7,500+ Hours

Bev V., Calaveras County

Ann P., Riverside County

Elizabeth W., Sacramento County

Gail C., Fresno County

Bette L., Santa Clara County

Candace S., Santa Clara County

Leta B., San Diego County

Gail P. Sacramento County


5,000+ Hours

Cheryl T., El Dorado County

Franc-i N., Santa Clara County

Thurman H., Riverside County




5,000+ Hours

Allen B., Santa Clara County

Mindy C., Sacramento County

Gael P., Marin County

Isabel B., Orange County

Rita E., Fresno County

Phyllis T., Sonoma County

Kathryn R., Marin County

Gretchen Z., Santa Clara County

Cathy C., Amador County

Emma C., Contra Costa County

Alice S., Santa Clara County

Laura C., Sacramento County

Deb T., El Dorado County

Ottillia B., Riverside County

Sue M., Placer County

Judy C., San Diego County

Merry C., El Dorado County

Mary C., Santa Clara County

Judy A., Ventura County

Bonnie B., Nevada County


During the virtual 2020 UC Master Gardener Mini-Conference, the program was excited to feature special Gardeners with Heart volunteers from across the state. Gardeners with Heart volunteers were nominated by their local county leadership for their creativity, strategic thinking, passion for the program's mission, and commitment to outreach. You can watch the Gardeners with Heart panel discussion and a tribute video celebrating the contributions of 52 of our exceptional UC Master Gardener Program volunteers! 

Search for Excellence

UC Master Gardener Programs in San Diego County, Contra Costa County, and Santa Clara County won the triennial Search for Excellence competition. In honor of their achievement, winning projects receive a cash prize to support local program delivery and the opportunity to present their projects during the mini conference.  To learn more about these exceptional project watch their sessions and read about them in the statewide blog.

Continuing Education

The virtual 2020 UC Master Gardener Mini-Conference counts as continuing education (CE) hours for UC Master Gardener volunteers.  Whether you join us live or watch the recording, be sure to enter your continuing education hours into the Volunteer Management System (VMS).  Use the mini conference activity guide to determine how many continuing education hours you earned by session. 

Posted on Monday, October 5, 2020 at 9:01 AM
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Congratulations! 2020 Gardeners with Heart

"If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.” Kofi Annan

Congratulations to all of the volunteers awarded as the 2020 Gardeners with Heart! UC Master Gardener Program is excited to feature special volunteers or Gardeners with Heart from across the state in celebration of our program's 40th year. Gardeners with Heart volunteers were nominated by their local county leadership for their creativity, strategic thinking, passion for the program's mission, and commitment to outreach. Please enjoy this celebration of the contributions of 52 of our 6,000 exceptional UC Master Gardener Program volunteers!

2020 Gardeners with Heart: 

  • Barbara S., Lake County

  • Bob C., Ventura County

  • Borah L., Los Angeles and Yolo County

  • Bob and Sharon Y. San Bernardino County

  • Cheryl T. El Dorado County

  • Cie C., Sonoma County

  • Darlene D., Contra Costa County

  • Debi A., San Bernardino County

  • Devra L., Alameda County

  • Diane G., Santa Barbara County

  • Diane J., Sonoma County

  • Doris M., Amador County

  • Electra D., Sonoma County

  • Esther M., San Bernardino County

  • Eve K., El Dorado County

  • Gail M., Marin County

  • Harry L., Ventura County

  • Irene B., Alameda County

  • Jan K., Sutter-Yuba County

  • Janet M., Contra Costa County

  • Jerry M., Lake County

  • Jessica W., Marin County

  • Jillian K. and Adam W., San Bernardino County

  • Joan S., Alameda County

  • Judie T., Nevada County

  • Julie D., Alameda CountyKarole W., Lake County

  • Karole W., Lake County

  • Kathy M., Sonoma County
  • Kay P., Butte County

  • Lee R., Ventura County

  • Lee M., San Joaquin County

  • Linda H., Ventura County

  • Linda G., Orange County

  • Linda D., San Joaquin County

  • Mary J., Contra Costa County

  • Mary Lou L., Orange County

  • Merry Jo V., Lake County

  • Nancie R., Alameda County

  • Nicole V., Ventura County

  • Norma Y., Orange County

  • Pam R., Santa Clara County

  • Pat S., San Joaquin County

  • Peg S., Yolo County

  • Penny F., Sonoma County

  • Roanna P., Ventura County

  • Robin S., El Dorado County

  • Robyn B., Contra Costa County

  • Sherida P., San Joaquin County

  • Sherry R., Solano County

  • Stacey S., Contra Costa County

  • Steve S., San Joaquin County

  • Sue L., Sonoma County

  • Summer B., El Dorado County

  • Ted H., Stanislaus County

  • Terri T., Contra Costa County

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GWH Thumbnail

Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 11:41 AM
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SFE Third Place

Congratulations to the UC Master Gardener Program of Santa Clara County for winning third place in the Search for Excellence (SFE) competition. The SFE is an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the tremendous talents of UC Master Gardener volunteers from across the state. A panel of judges reviewed and scored fourteen county submissions about mission-focused educational and innovative projects performed over the past three years. Santa Clara County's Morning at Martial Cottle Park project took third place by standing out with its quality of impact on the population served. One judge remarked “This project is clearly successful and beloved by the community. Congratulations on a wonderful and highly-sought after project that greatly impacts youth with both gardening and nutrition education.”

Field Trip

Working together with community partners the UC Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County created and taught a science and nutrition-based curricula for field trips at San Jose's Martial Cottel Park. Through dynamic, hands-on, outdoor lessons in a garden setting, second graders take part in a half-day of healthy food and science learning. Local grants helped pay for the cost of transportation for Title 1 schools and schools in low-income neighborhoods.

Learning Stations

Centuries old oak trees, native plants, flowers, and raised garden beds serve as the backdrop for this extraordinary four-acre teaching and demonstration garden managed by UC Master Gardener volunteers. Students, teachers and chaperones rotate through four learning stations around the garden, every 25 minutes while being taught about a plants lifecycle, insects, pests vs. beneficial insects, and nutrition through growing and eating healthy fruit and vegetables.


Second graders actively participating at their learning stations.

Station 1. Plant life cycle

Photographs and harvested plant materials are arranged on a pizza pan to show the plant lifecycle. Students plant sunflower seeds in a garden bed and in a pot to take home and watch grow.

Station 2. Nutrition

Co-taught with CalFresh Healthy Living nutrition educators, students get to taste and sort vegetables, then plant and label seeds in a salad bowl. “Surprise” vegetables are pulled from a grab-bag to discuss the benefits of eating different colored vegetables.

Station 3. Insect anatomy and adaptation

Through song and drawings student learn about an insect's anatomy. Students get to use playdough to create insects and label its body parts.

Station 4. Pests vs. beneficial insects

Students are shown how to properly collect insects, they are then released into the garden to collect any insects they can find.  After proper identification beneficial insects are released.

At the end of the day the students, teachers and UC Master Gardener volunteers gather together to review what they have learned. Families are encouraged to return to the garden anytime during the garden's normal open hours.

Partnering with the Community

Working together with the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, the Santa Clara County Parks Department, CalFresh Healthy Living, and local schools, UC Master Gardener volunteers engaged with low income schools and special needs classes, serving 25 classes and more than 600 students in 24 months. “I have a special needs brother and I think you all did a really good job. Don't change a thing!” said a teacher following a recent field trip. For some students their visit to Martial Cottel Park is their first time in a garden or hearing about how plants and food grow. UC Master Gardener volunteers are thrilled to be able to introduce these students to the wonders of science and horticulture. 

Some of the volunteers that make the Santa Clara County's Morning at Martial Cottle Park field trips possible.

Virtual UC Master Gardener Mini Conference, Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

Join us LIVE online for 2020 UC Master Gardener Virtual Conference, where you can learn more about this project directly from the volunteers involved. The conference is free and open to the general public, all levels of gardeners are welcome!  Sessions will stream LIVE, Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 to the UC Master Gardener Program's YouTube channel and Facebook page. Registration is not required, just pick and choose what sessions you would like to attend. All session are being recorded and posted on YouTube but we hope you can join in LIVE.

Pssst! UC Master Gardener volunteers can earn continuing education hours for attending, click here for more information. 


About us

The UC Master Gardener Program provides the public with UC research-based information about home horticulture, sustainable landscaping, and pest management practices. It is administered by local UCCE county-based offices that are the principal outreach and public service arms of the University's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The UC Master Gardener Program is an example of an effective partnership between the UC Division and passionate volunteers. In exchange for training from the University of California, UCCE Master Gardener volunteers engage the public with timely gardening-related trainings and workshops. With programs based in 51 California counties and 6,297 active members, UCCE Master Gardener volunteers donated 328,540 hours last year and have donated more than 5 million hours since the program inception in 1980.

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 11:45 AM
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