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Summer 2019 (838KB)

Maximizing walnut quality to improve value in a low-price year, Regulated Deficit Irrigation in Almonds to Manage Hull Rot, and On-Farm Recharge on Pecans for Groundwater Sustainability

Includes a Survey on grower interest in the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and On Farm Recharge (OFR),

Meeting announcement: Kings/Tulare Counties NUT HARVEST SAFETY TRAINING DAY

PDF 7/9/19
Spring 2019 (716KB)

Alkalaiweed is a new weed popping up in pistachio orchards.  If you have it, please participate in a survey to help us learn more about it.

Pistachio crop insurance listening session held on March 13th in the Madera County Farm Bureau building.

Almond nutrient and water management field day held on March 14th in Del Rey, California.

Almond orchard cover crop field day held on March 21st in Winton, California.

See inside for more details.

PDF 3/5/19
Winter Meeting Announcement (397KB)

REMINDER:  the second annual winter IPM meeting is on December 12, 2018.  Speakers and location details are in the attached PDF.  You can register for this free event online at or by calling 559-675-7879 ext. 7209.  Registration is not necessary, but appreciated.

2.0 DPR continuing education credits have been approved.  See you there!

PDF 10/29/18
Almond Mating Disruption Meeting (158KB)

Kris Tollerup will be holding a meeting on mating disruption at the Kearney REC in Parlier, California on September 25.  2.5 units of other credits will be offered.  For more information, please see the attached flier.

PDF 9/5/18
Summer 2018 (318KB)

CORRECTION: I stated that you could soil apply Solubor at 50 lbs/acre, when I should have stated Borax, which is approximately 10.5% boron (Solubor is 20%), and added the pounds of actual boron/acre.  The corrected sentences now read: 

"Major boron deficiencies can be corrected via a soil application (major deficiencies would be far below the critical value).  In both almonds and pistachios, broadcast 25 to 50 lbs of Borax per acre (about 2-4 lbs of actual boron). Make sure to take into account soil texture: lighter textured soils should have lower rates of application."



New podcast: Growing the Valley, Alternaria leaf blight in pistachios, how to monitor boron in almonds and pistachios, and announcement for the 2018 Walnut Short Course.

PDF 6/25/18
Spring 2018 (527KB)

Stink bugs and plant bugs in fruit crops, guest article with an herbicide sprayer checklist by Kurt Hembree, and March 20th nutrient management meeting announcement

PDF 3/8/18
Winter 2017 (355KB)

Navel orangeworm, orchard preplant considerations

PDF 12/21/17
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