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Pomology is the study of fruit and the culture involved in raising fruit. In Madera County the program encompasses the dissemination of useful information from research programs and other programs from the University of California to almond, pistachio, stone fruit, apple, and walnut growers and related clientele. The Pomology program includes educational and research programs in water and soil, soil fertility, plant nutrition, and irrigation. Dissemination of information from this program includes the use of mass media, newsletters, field demonstrations, personal contacts, telephone calls, Email, and meetings to promote more productive and sustainable agriculture. Research and extension programs have had one underlying theme; that is to help deciduous tree fruit growers find more environmentally friendly ways to produce their crops without compromising product quality or price. Research and extension programs are focused on sustainable production. In the near future, Caliofrnia's tree fruit industries will need alternative (sustainable) practices for replacing some of the fungicides, pesticides, and soil fumigates which will be elminated from use as the EPA implements the Food Quality and Protection Act.

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