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California Master Gardener Handbook - UC Publication #3382   $30.00

This is the definitive guide to gardening in California. Chapters cover topics including soil, fertilizer, and water management; plant propagation; plant physiology; weeds and pests; and home vegetable gardening. Chapters also include information on specific garden crops including grapes, berries, temperate fruits and nuts, citrus and avocados. These crop chapters provide helpful information on selecting varieties, planting, growth cycles, pruning, irrigation, and harvesting. Also included is information on lawns, woody landscape plants, landscape design, and developing problem-solving skills.

Nutritional composition information is provided for most of the edible crops covered in the handbook along with background information on how the nutritional information was derived and how to interpret it. The Master Gardener Handbook also contains an appendix of useful conversions for many units of measure used in the handbook or in caring for crops, and a 12-page glossary of terms.

Pests of the Garden and Small Farms - #3332   $35.00 

This convenient handbook for home gardeners and small-scale farmers covers insects, mites, plant diseases, nematodes, and weeds of fruit and nut trees and vegetables. Crop-by-crop symptom identification tables guide you quickly to the information you need.

The Home Orchard  #3485  $25.00

This book was developed especially for use by backyard orchardists, rare fruit growers, and small-scale growers. It offers a fairly comprehensive look at "standard" growing methods, as well as some unique practices that enthusiasts have developed in recent years, some of which are not practical for the commercial grower.

Natural Enemies Handbook - #3386   $35.00

This award-winning reference contains a pest and natural enemy "Quick Guide" to help you easily match natural enemies with specific pests in your crop or landscape.

Healthy Roses - #21589    $10.00

Sound advise on how to adapt Integrated Pest Management practices to roses in the home garden.

Pests of Landscape Trees & Shrubs - #3359 $42.00

A perennial bestseller, this easy-to-use reference emphasizes environmentally safe, less-toxic, IPM methods for controlling hundreds of insects, mites, weeds, plant diseases, nematodes, and other sources of damage. Invaluable "Pest Tables" help diagnose causes of damage.

These publications and many more are available at the University of California Cooperative Extension Office located at 328 S. Madera Avenue, Madera, CA. For more information contact us at 675-7879.