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Madera County
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Madera County

Serving Madera County


Academic Position Vacancy Announcements

Area Cooperative Extension Advisor
Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences (NFCS)
Serving Fresno and Madera Counties

Position Vacancy Announcement

 Cooperative Extension Advisor - Nut Crops
Serving Fresno County

Position Vacancy Announcement

Area Cooperative Extension Advisor - Orchard Systems
Serving Madera and Merced Counties

 Position Vacancy Announcement



 Staff Position Vacancy Announcements

Nutrition Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of program implementation focusing on delivery of nutrition education to low-income youth and adults. This includes recruiting, training, guiding, and supporting nutrition education extenders with information and resources, evaluating program implementation, collecting documentation, and writing reports in compliance with USDA guidelines.

Requisition Number #20150719

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On-Line Application

Application Instructions

1. On upper left side menu select "Search Postings."
2. Enter the Requisition Number from the Position Vacancy Announcement and select "Search."
3. Under working title select "View."
4. Select "Apply for this Posting ."
5. Create a user name.

Note: Cover letter and resume can be downloaded at the end of application.




The UC Cooperative Extension Office Hours are 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.  Closed 1:00-2:00pm for lunch.  Occasionally, there will be brief office closures for off-site meetings and events.  Please leave a brief reason for visiting on the sign-in sheet at the window during those visits.

Shannon Mueller, Ph.D., County Director Agronomic Crops Farm Advisor  (559) 675-7879 Ext. 7211 or (559) 241-7515

Lindsay Jordan, Viticulture Farm Advisor (559) 675-7879  Ext. 7205

Janet Cangemi, Master Gardener Coordinator (559) 675-7879, Ext. 7212

Russell Hill, 4-H Advisor (559) 675-7204

Laurie Fringer, 4-H Program Representative (559) 675-7879, Ext. 7202

Scott Stoddard, Vegetable Crops & Limited Resource Farms Advisor (209) 385-7403

Fadzayi Mashiri, Ph.D., Livestock & Natural Resources Farm Advisor (209) 966-2417


We apologize for any inconveniences that may arise.


Madera County Programs

4-H Youth Development

Organizes, administers, directs and coordinates youth programs in cooperation with Madera County 4-H adult volunteer leaders. Programs are designed to meet the needs and interest of youth 9 to 19 years of age. Focus is on responsibility and leadership development.

Agronomic Crops

Provides extension education and research programs in alfalfa, cereal grains and corn. Provides weed identification and programs for efficient weed control.

Dairy  Currently searching to fill this position

Dairy productivity and product quality, as well as complex issues of animal health and welfare, waste management, and water quality.

Livestock and Natural Resources

Providing professional research and advice to support range livestock producers and rangeland managers.

Master Gardener

Their mission is to extend research based knowledge and information on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape to the residents of Madera County. 


Practical advice and problem solving for fruit and nut producers.

Vegetable Crops

Provides educational information to vegetable crop producers in Madera County. Conducts research programs in tomatoes, melons, garlic and other vegetables. Serves Madera and Merced Counties.


Disseminates research based information from University, industry and private research to growers, processors and packers of grapes and grape products. Provides diagnosis of permanent crop plant diseases.

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