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Wine Grape Varieties in California

This much anticipated book is the first comprehensive variety publication written by University of California specialists and advisors to cover all of the wine districts in California. This is a "must-have" guide for growers, vintners, and wine enthusiasts. Included are five extensive tables on ripening periods of California wine grape varieties, ripening dates by growing district of California wine varieties, rootstock selections, trellising systems with illustrations, and minor wine grape varieties. Also included are up-to-date summaries of available and registered clones, detailed illustration of grapevine structure, a glossary, and a bibliography. The star of the show is the discussion of the 36 major wine grape varieties grown in the state, covering: synonyms, source, description (clusters, berries, shoot tips, leaves), growth and soil adaptability, rootstocks, clones, production, harvest period and method, training and pruning, insect and disease problems, other cultural characteristics, winery use. Each variety is highlighted by close-up photography of its clusters, leaves and leaf shoots - 143 lush color photos in all. Publication 3419 - $30.00 This publication is available at the Madera County University of California Cooperative Extension Office.