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Gardening in the Sierra Foothills

Serria Senior Center Gardening classes

Composting Randy Fair 9.8.22
Greetings, July 19, 2023 

As promised, we are having a 
"Master Gardener—Composting Presentation”
on the last Friday of the month, July 28th
at the Sierra Senior Center (SSC) from 1:00–2:00 P.M.
You may already compost organic kitchen trimmings and yard cuttings but, have questions?
You may wish you knew how to compost?
You may have ideas about how difficult it is, or never gave it a thought until now? 
We will meet indoors to explore the processes and by the end you will be energized and confident to forge ahead!
Bring a pad for notes, a smartphone to take pics, and enjoy hearing about this topic!
Also mark your calendar for the last Friday of the coming months as we will offer other gardening talks.
Plan to attend the same time and place—Sierra Senior Center, 1–2 P.M. 
If you have topics you are interested in hearing about please share them.
Contact Randy for more information 
(818) 436-9484 iPhone
Madera Master Gardeners Training class

Interested in becoming a Madera County Master Gardener?

Next training class will be held in Merced, January 2024. 

For More Information: 

Merced Master Gardeners website

Madera community can join the Merced training classes 

Please contact

Denise Cuendett/ Fresno & Madera MG Coordinator 


Bite Size Gardens

To have a successful garden just follow the seven basic rules of vegetable gardening: 


  1. Plant only as much as you can easily maintain. 
  2. Create a garden plan before you begin. 
  3. Grow fruits and vegetables that produce high yields in the space available. 
  4. Plant during the correct season for the crop you would like to grow. Select varieties recommended for your climate zone
  5. Climate Zones

Type in your address. 

  1. Select a garden site that has at least 8 hours of full sun each day, avoid shaded locations. 
  2. Prepare the soil and amend and fertilize as needed. 
  3. Harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs at the correct stage of maturity. 
LA Victory Garden Initiative.

Considerations for gardening in and around Oakhurst California. This power point was prepared by UCANR Madera Master Gardener Randy Thomson. Randy transfer from the LA Master Gardener program and has taught the LA Victory Garden Initiative. He is currently working on developing the Grow Oakhurst Victory Garden.

A Where Are We (1)
A Plant selection
GLAVG Handbook