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4-H Projects


Each year, a 4-H member enrolls in at least one project. If enrolling in 4-H for the first time, it is recommended that the member take on only one project and do it well. As members gain experience, the size of the project may be increased or additional projects may be added. A project is: * Planned work in an area that is of interest to the 4-H member. * Guided by a 4-H adult volunteer. * Aimed at planned objective that can be attained and measured. * Summarized by some form of record keeping. A 4-H project is supervised by the project leader with the help of parents/guardians, but it is the 4-H member who must do the work. Some projects (raising plants and animals) involve the production of items for sale. Where this is the case, a written agreement should be established between the 4-H member, the parents/guardians and the 4-H volunteer. Some project groups meet once a week. Others meets once or twice a month. The purpose of these meetings is to guide the members in gaining knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits needed to complete their work successfully. Project manuals and guides, reports, and record forms are available to 4-H members for most projects for a modest fee. 4-H record forms help the members keep track of what they do in their project work. The following projects are available for youth in Madera County. The wide variety of projects provides something fun and interesting for just about anyone. Not all projects are available in every club. 4-H members pay for the cost for materials to complete a particular project. Description of 4-H Projects Available