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4H Officer Manual (2013 version)


Officer Book Criteria Judging Forms

    Hist-Reporter Book Requirements

    Sec-Treas Book Requirements


The historian maintains a club scrapbook to document important events in the life of its members for the current 4-H program year. The reporter keeps the public informed by writing news stories about the club and sending them to local newspapers for publication. A scrapbook of all articles submitted and published is kept for the current year. The secretary establishes and maintains a binder containing club documents for the current program year. Computers can be used for writing minutes and maintaining a record of attendance. Records are maintained by the treasurer in order to be able to fully account for all club funds when asked to do so by club members, the public, or the University.


Treasurer Book

This MS Excel file has been programmed to do the math for your monthly report and transfer the numbers to the Annual Financial Report summary page.  The information on the Annual Financial Report page is needed for the State report which is entered on the web. Please make sure to turn this in with your club treasurer book.                   

** IMPORTANT:  The opening balance MUST match the previous year's closing balance.

Treasurer Ledger


4H Treasurer Manual