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4-H County Calendar

2024-2025 Madera County 4-H Program

2024-2025 Calendar of Events   (as of May 2024)


2023-2024 Madera County 4-H Program

2023-2024 4-H Calendar of Events  (as of September 2023)



4-H events are activities that supplement your project work. Demonstrations, judging, field trips, fairs, showmanship, camps and conferences are some of the events that are fun and give you opportunities to learn new things. For example, giving a demonstration, such as mixing a cake or sawing a board straight, helps you learn how to organize your thoughts, to express them in front of a group, and to develop poise and self-confidence. Judging is an event that helps you learn to evaluate, determine quality, make decisions and defend your decisions with reasons. These are qualities you will need as a leader, and they will help you in any career you choose. Part of the fun of learning is measuring your progress. The Star Awards in 4-H are designed to help you plan attainable objectives and to measure the progress you are making toward those objectives. There are also opportunities and recognition at the regional and state level through leadership conferences, citizenship/service learning, exchanges, 4-H project competition, presentation days, and special events. Opportunities/Events for Madera County 4-H Members